Best Buckwheat Pillow

buckwheat hulls inside

The Best Buckwheat Pillow for you has to be 100% Organic, otherwise you will breathe in odorless fumes from pesticide-raised or GMO cotton and of course pesticide-raised buckwheat, every night!

Now, you can go online and search for the best buckwheat pillows, sure, but you will find a million links leading you to wherever A.I. decides to send you and you could search a very long time and still not find the Best Buckwheat Pillow that is also 100% Organic.

What is the difference between Organic and 100% Organic?

A lot actually. “Organic” simply describes any plant that was raised without pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or GMOs, but the manufacturer could still add their own mixture of whatever artificial chemical they want to create whatever color they want or texture.
This is why they can call their pillow “organic”, but cannot call it 100% Organic, because 100% Organic means nothing was added to the organic cotton or the organic buckwheat, in other words, the best buckwheat pillow is actually directly from the earth, without anything done to it afterwards.
So, no dyes, no fragrances, no preservatives, no additives and of course no formaldehyde – nothing!
This means every night you sleep on the best buckwheat pillow for the rest of your life will be truly 100% Organic and not damage your respiratory system like all the other pillows out there and instead will heal your respiratory system.
The best buckwheat pillow is for you and everyone else in your family, even newborns!
So, if you are ready to experience the last 100% Organic Pillow + 100% Organic Pillowcase, then click the image below and get ready to transport your sleep back to a time when the earth was actually clean and pure.


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