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Organic Pillow Plus Pillowcase (regular price)

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Organic Pillow Plus Pillowcase (regular price)

Your 100% Organic Pillow + 100% Organic Pillowcase together! This is not on the subscription. Go ahead and order as many 100% Organic Pillows + 100% Organic Pillowcases as you need. You can now finally stop breathing in odorless fumes from factory pillows every night for the rest of your life and now start experiencing truly 100% Organic sleep. Your respiratory system will thank you!

While you sleep, your mind and body will believe you are finally sleeping on a beautiful clean earth outside under the stars.

Don’t forget to add a couple more pillows as a gift this holiday season, so they can experience 100% Organic sleep, too.


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1 reviews for Organic Pillow Plus Pillowcase (regular price)

Oct 21, 2023, 21:07 PM

I really like this pillow! And 100% Organic! Thank you! I will choose the annual subscription for all the other pillows for everyone else in my family.

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